Let op: Tweakers stopt per 2023 met Tweakblogs. In dit artikel leggen we uit waarom we hiervoor hebben gekozen.

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EZRSS Alternative en

By Wiethoofd on dinsdag 16 augustus 2011 22:00 - Comments (6)
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A few of you might know me from the large amount of TV shows I follow. Most users config Sick Beard to download and archive all their episodes, some use EZRSS, the RSS feed provided by EZTV, to use in their favorite torrent client. But when EZRSS is down nothing is downloaded automatically any more. That's why I wrote my own EZTV scraper.

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Rules of the Internet en

By Wiethoofd on zondag 20 december 2009 17:00 - Comments (18)
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It is fair to assume that everybody who is reading this is on the Internet. On the internet there are certain rules you have to acknowledge and obey, they're called Netiquettes, but not all the rules of the Internet are netiquettes.

Almost everybody has heard of the 'famous' 4chan rules or threads, this is my version of their rules, because not all the rules apply to Tweakers.net users and some I found on other websites are too good to be left out.

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